TREATMENTS Brightwater Chiropractic treatment times are 15 min or longer as we take the time to listen to you and we thoroughly massage the spine before we adjust it...


The Adjustment


    The Adjustment is the primary 'tool' of the Chiropractor.  They are highly specific, very fast, low force thrusts or impulses normaly applied with the hands to the site of the injury.  The aim is to restore normal function and relieve pressure on the damaged part of the body.


    Most times an audible 'pop' or 'crack' sound is heard with the adjustment.  This occurs when the compressed joint surfaces are tractioned and substances are rapidly drawn into the joint. However not all 'cracks' are the same.  Most people have cracked their knuckles at some point in time.  This is most often achieved by bending the fingers backwards until the finger joints reach their physilogical limit.  At this point the joint surfaces are levered apart and the joints will 'crack'. This action of blindly bending the fingers back beyond normal range to make a noise is completely different to an Adjustment performed by a Chiropractor.  The Chiropractor will use a number of techniques and examination tools (including xray and MRI) to find malfunctioning joints.  Then highly specific Adjustments will be delivered at the correct place with the correct direction and with the correct force needed to return the joint to normal.  And as we are aiming to restore the body to 'normal', the risk of injury is small (ref).  


    Some people don't like the idea of manual adjustments and '...all that cracking...'.  They need not be put off having treatment as other techniques are availble including Mobilisation, Activator Technique and Drop Piece.  All of which are available at the Brightwater Chiropractic Clinic.


Soft Tissue and Muscle Massage


    At Brightwater Chiropractic Clinic we understand that the muscles play a vital role when the body is injured.  We take the time to assess what has happened to the muscles and how they are reacting.  This means an injured area is throughly massaged and prepared prior to any adjustments taking place.


    After the injured area has been adjusted, it is reassessed and any necessary stretches are performed.


Physical Therapy and Exercise


    Having started my career in excercise rehabilitation over 25 years ago, I understand how important exercise is for the treament, recovery and prevention of injuries.  This combined with a Degree in Sports Science makes me uniquely qualified to understand the needs of the patient and ensure that their exercise rehabilitation is accurate and effective.  I can also advise on posture control for home and in the workplace.


K-Laser Therapy


    Firstly, it is important to point out that not all lasers are the same.  We use a Class IV laser which allows us to give better treatments, more efficiently and effectively than less powerful devices you may have experienced in the past.  


    The laser helps mending by delivering engergy in the form of Photons (light electrons) to the damaged tissue.  This process is given a technical name of Photobiomodulation. Regardless of the complicated name, we all have experienced this process.  For example, UV light stimulates our skin cells to release melanine and our skin will go brown. Halogen light bulbs make our skin get warm and of course plants use UV light in their leaves to make charbohydrate.


    Very special wavelenghts of light are used to produce the helpful changes in the injured tissue.  Specifically 800nm for increased enegry production and 970nm for increased blood and oxygen supply.  This combined with other beneficial effects make injured tissue mend faster.


    What this means to the patient is that we now have an extremely effective method to accelerate healing especially for conditions like:

                   - carpal tunnel syndrome

                   - tennis elbow

                   - tendon injuries and repairs

                   - acute injury and pain

                   - chronic pain

                   - plantar fasciitis/heel pain